Space Jesus

Buku, EEEKS, Of The Trees, CharlesTheFirst, Supersillyus

AMUSE at The Coney Island Art Walls
Ages 18+
AMUSE at the Coney Island Art Walls Space Jesus presents MOON.BEACH on 08/17 FAN CLUB SALE SOLD OUT!

Space Jesus Presents Moon.Beach - Coney Island - Brooklyn, NY

Sat. August 17th (Rain or Shine)

LINE UP: CHARLESTHEFIRST, Paint (Huxley Anne & Tsurda), Buku B2B Esseks, Of The Trees, Supersillyus, Tiedye Ky, On Hell

Space Jesus + Music from 2pm-12am - Amuse at the Coney Island Art Walls

 In the beginning, there were two planets. As the earth spun outward, forming buildings that scraped the sky, the moon spun inward, hiding invisible transmissions beneath its surface. For centuries this balance was held in tandem, with the moon slowly growing in power...establishing new forms of alien communion. As waves crash and tides ebb, moon dot beach opens the portal to this hidden world.Please remove the section:    Coney Island is quintessential Brooklyn. It is such an amazing environment at an amusement park setting. It is right on the beach. It is really a one-of-a-kind opportunity and we’re really excited. People can make an entire day out of it. Come to the beach, spend some time on the rides and then join us for a night of great music and fun!


Space Jesus and the Moon Dot Beach presenting team will also be partnering with nonprofit organizations DanceSafe, Drug Policy Alliance, Good Night Out, and OutSmartNYC to ensure a safe and positive experience for patrons and staff.

The collective will focused on harm reduction and bystander intervention education both pre-show and on-site. "Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for patrons, and that begins and ends with safety and awareness.”

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Venue Information:
AMUSE at The Coney Island Art Walls
3050 Stillwell Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11224